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Becoming what it was

چه خوب است وقتی هر چیزی سر جای خودش باشد. ایرانین دات کام با جهانشاه، جاوید شد

I came across a research on some of the items in museums (UK). The researcher and I talked about a short story that I wrote a few years ago on the Louver Museum experience.

Afterwards, I tried to find my short story. My first guess was that it must be somewhere on but it wasn't. Which meant the article had to be older than I imagined. I went to the archive on, the parent site of I hadn't visited the site for quiet a while, but I knew the site was to be redesigned as an archive website, documenting the articles wrote by Iranians during the early years of workable internet becoming accessible.

It was nice to see that the site is up and running again. Jahanshah Javid and everyone of team did a great job of preserving the site, which was a meeting place when meetings online and in person with other Iranians was beyond imagination. Well done! Thank You for being a پاتوق patough (tryst?). It is nice to see this site associates with Jahanshah's name again. Nice to know that something is in its right place in the era of confusion and mismatch

Where was I? ... Yes, I finally managed to find my short story on archive. Much to my surprise I wrote it on 2012. Hard to believe, 9 years ago! All I need now is to get on with translating the article.

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