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Thank You Portico!

بعد از دو سال که افتخار همکاری با تیم کتابخانه پورتیکو را داشتم، امروز با کتابخانه خداحافظی کردم. سپاس از تک‌تک اعضای تیم برای تمام چهارشنبه‌های زیبا.

In the October 2021, coming out of the isolation imposed by COVID, I started as a volunteer at the Collection Care Unit of the Portico Library. Today, after nearly two years, I said my goodbyes to the staff and other volunteers. Thank you to everyone at the Portico Library for making the last two years' Wednesdays special. I consider myself very lucky to have had the honour of working alongside the unique and inclusive team of the Portico. Thanks particularly to Jim and Tim for sharing their knowledge and teaching me how to look after the printed treasures of the Portico Library.

Today I also made my last two book-stands for displaying books at the next exhibition, Bookends and Beginnings. Looking forward to going back to visit the exhibition soon.

My last two book stands

My last two book stands with the books they are supporting.

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