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A Day for Flying :)

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

امروز، روز پرواز بود. ویلیام شتنر به فضا پرواز کرد و من به کتابخانه پرتیکو. امروز اولین روز کاریم به عنوان داوطلب برای نگهداری از کتایهای فدیمی بود

#William_Shatner went to space & I went to Portico Library; today was my first day of working as a volunteer in the library.

I learnt about:

-handling fragile and precious books. Taking books out of shelves, cleaning them and getting them ready for repair all required techniques that I now have some knowledge of

-the feel of different types of papers used in different periods and for inserting image

-examples of recycling papers used for binding

-the difference between conservation (focusing on preserving the original book ) and restoration (focusing on putting back to its original features)

-two different types of binding: Hollow back (A binding that leaves a space between the spine and the cover) and Tight back (A binding that the cover is glued to its back)

-Ideal temperature for conserving the books is 16-19 degree C and humidity of 45-55%

-factors involve in degradation are: light humidity, temperature, air pollution and handling

A fantastic day at Portico Library.

I came across a book that apparently was never read. The pages were attached on top. How lonely it must have felt.

To protect the fragile books they are placed on a cushion.

Tea under the library's architecturally magnificent ceiling.

After cleaning the bottom part of the rim.

An examples of recycling papers used for binding.

Watermark on one of the papers. the long fibres are also visible.

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