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Updated: Oct 10, 2021

I have come to the end of a road. is now a completed reality, up and running.

During the past few months, I have been working under the watchful eyes of my web design mentor, Mahtab jan, to build a nest for my work. Thanks Mahtab jan for your support. I enjoyed all 12 sessions that we had together, particularly those just just after the quarantine time.

My book Bazgasht (Homecoming) together with some of my other artworks can now be purchased through The site also has a library, where you can find links to some of my writing and some classic, royalty free masterpieces. You can visit the gallery at your own leisure and also see pictures of the past events run by A very unique feature of this website is its Hot Seat Guests. These are inspirational people around me who talk about what motivates them and how they overcome hurdles in life.

You can join the site (by clicking the 'log in' Butten on top right corner of the page on and have a chance to include your say. I would love to hear what you think of the site so far and what you hope to see there in future. By joining the site you can post your reviews or testimonies, related to my writing, and enjoy special offers plus access to free pages only open to registered users.

Stay in touch and hope to see you on

در انتهای جاده‌ای با چشم‌اندازی جادویی ایستاده‌ام. فاز نهایی صفحات سبوی سخن با راه اندازی قسمت بازار این سایت تکمیل شد. اکنون می‌توانید از طریق سایت:

- کتاب بازگشت و دیگر کارهای هنری مرا تهیه نمایید

- از گالری عکس‌ دیدن فرمایید

- به کتاب‌خانه که شامل نوشته‌های من و آثار دیگران که شامل قوانین کپی رایت نمی‌شود می‌باشد، دسترسی پیدا کنید

- به صحبت‌های مهمانان صندلی داغ سبوی سخن گوش فرا دهید

دوستانی که عضو سایت می‌شوند می‌توانند دیدگاه و نظرات خود را در رابطه با نوشته های من در قسمت testimonial پست کنند، همچنین از تخفیف ویژه برای اعضای سایت و دسترسی به صفحات اختصاصی سایت هم بهره‌مند شوند.

وعده‌ی دیدارما در سبوی سخن

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