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Hot seat guest, Jenny Matthews

When went live, back in Aug, I promised to have one talk per month with inspirational people around me.

Jenny Matthews is the 'Jar of Words' Hot Seat Guest (November 2021)

07984 872325

LinkedIn profile -

Facebook Jenny Matthews / The Enterprise Bridge / Handbags & Briefcases

Twitter - JennyMatthews3

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2 comentários

02 de nov. de 2021

I support the notion of antiquities being in safe hands, promoting culture that had been lost otherwise. I have appreciation for such up keep and marketing. Kneeling Bulls (NB) ❤️❤️❤️ is a magnificent title.

I would like to thank those who recognise, discovered, promote and advertised ancient arts to the world; to be loved and respected.

One could write literally 100s of pages about these marvels; i guess art & culture are beauties belong to the art lovers of the world.

Top Museums are the safest places for such valuable arts to be displayed, acknowledged, recognised and appreciated regardless. I guess ownership debate is another issue.


Shahireh Sangrezeh
Shahireh Sangrezeh
02 de nov. de 2021

Majid wrote:

Thanks for this, I thoroughly enjoyed the talk. Jenny is a true trailblazer and have already recommended this chat to my daughter and half dosen friends I talk a leaf out of her book.

Excellent, enjoyed it

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