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Hot Seat Guest: Fereshteh Mozafari

فرشته مظفری مهمان ماه فوریه 2022 صندلی داغ سبوی سخن

When went live, back in Aug 2021, I promised to have one talk per month with inspirational people around me.

Fereshteh Mozafari is the 'Jar of Words' Hot Seat Guest (Feb 2022)

Further information about her work:

Sheba Arts

Related to the books mentioned in the video:

Jennifer Makumbi, Kintu

Camilla Pang, Explaining Humans: What Science Can Teach Us about Life, Love and Relationships

+++++++++++++++++++ Previous Hot Seat guests:

Jim Duff

Shohreh Shakoory

Jenny Matthews

Zari Gorji

Chinnar Najib & Amang Mardokhy

Martin De Mello

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