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Evaluation forms: the result

The result of the #evaluation_form indicated that 100% of people are very likely or likely to #recommend our story-telling session with music to others. #Didsburyartsfestival#jarofwords#shahnameh#DAF#friendsofshahnameh.

Analysis of the evaluation forms for 'Gordafarid, a female warrior', the storytelling session with music indicates:

- With respect to being familiar with Shahnameh, our audience consisted of a mix of 33% considering themselves very familiar, 33% slightly familiar and 25% not familiar at all with Shahnameh.

- 85% agreed the talk about Shahnameh was interesting.

- 93% agreed that the story of Gordafarid was interesting.

- 93% Found the music interesting.

- 74% stated that they are very likely or likely to attend another session by Friends of Shahnameh.

- 100% stated that they are very likely or likely to recommend the session to others.

Thanks to each and everyone who completed and returned the evaluation forms.

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