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Volunteer Week

Volunteers' Week is an annual celebration of the contribution of people volunteering in their communities.

هفته ارج‌نهادن به داوطلبانی که در مجموعه‌های فرهنگی, کتابخانه‌ها و کامیونیتی‌ها داوطلبانه کار می‌کنند.

My next Performance

"I Am an Orange Dot" is heading on a UK tour. Our next stop is at Failsworth library. For tickets click here.

Failsworth Library Oldham Road Oldham M35 0HP

Tuesday, June 20 · 7pm BST

I Am an Orange Dot is a monologue inspired by stories of migrants and asylum seekers. The performance is followed by a Q and A / discussion session focusing on issues such as identity, race and freedom of movement.

I Am an Orange Dot. Part human, part not. Although I am not always appearing on statistics related to human casualties, I am one.

The monologue is dedicated to all of those who travel a long and scary road in order to find freedom and peace.

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