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To Stay or to Go, this is the question

Updated: Jan 1

Just watched Belfast, the story of a young family in Northern Ireland in 1969. The difficult decision the family had to make bears a striking resemblance to the predicaments that a lot of us are faced with today: To leave everything behind so you could begin living?

Of course, the divisive factors are different in every society and in different eras. But the main underlying issue for most of the disputes and fighting are similar if not the same. We believe that we are different from others, We are better than Them! We are the only group that could see the reality and are wise enough to know what is right and what is not. Belfast is a good example to demonstrate this tendency as one of the most destructive human behaviour.

Belfast remains the last film I watched in 2023, a year where a lot of people were killed without the so called "civilized" countries objection. In 2023 my homeland Iran carried on losing some of its bravest. Deep down I do not believe in brighter and kinder days in 2024, still I wish for a better year ahead. I do, as it is important to keep hope alive.

Happy New Year and I hope humanity has a better year in 2024.

فیلم بلفست آخرین فیلمی است که در سال 2023 ناظر آن بودم. فیلم ماجرای خانواده‌ای جوان در ایرلند شمالی را به نمایش می‌کشد که باید به ترک بلفست و مهاجرت فکر کند. امروزه هم ماندن یا رفتن مسئله خیلی‌هاست. ولی رفتن به کجا؟ ماندن در کجا؟ دنیای این سالها دنیایی است که تا بخواهی جا برای نامردمان و خانواده‌های آنان دارد ولی برای پذیرش انسان‌ بس تنگ وکوچک است. آیا سال آینده ماجرا فرق خواهد کرد؟ گمان نکنم. ولی برای زنده نگه داشتن امید هم شده باید بگویم امیدوارم. امیدوارم 2024 سالی بهتر برای انسانیت باشد.

با بهترین آرزوها برای 2024

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