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The Walk: When the Birds Land

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

آمال، عروسک سه و نیم متری، نماد کودک نه ساله پناه جو از سوریه است که بعد از طی 8000 کیلومتراز سفری که از مرز سوریه و ترکیه شروع شد دیشب به منچستر رسید. این حرکت هنری به منظور آگاه سازی از وضعیت پناه جویان

After a journey of 8000Km from Turkish-Syrian border to the UK, little Amal (A 3.5m tall puppet representing a nine-year-old Syrian refugee) walked to Manchester yesterday. Amal has travelled through 65 European cities to shine a light on the situation of refuges.

The Walk: When the Birds Land

To find out more about the Creative Team and Performers who took part last night event, view the full production team here.

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