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The Chemistry of Art

Last week marked the end of a busy period of performances and events or me. Although I enjoyed each and every events, I needed to relax and unwind, too. What better way to relax than getting your hands dirty in an art project. To treat myself, I joined one of Roby's workshops, @roby_workshop.

Roby's workshop was situated in an old mill. This added to the flavour of the session. We made and decorated a leather purse. Not only that we used the ink made from oak trees made by the artist herself. Apparently, the oak gall ink which was used in the workshop is the result of cooperation between oak trees and wasps. These are abnormal plant growths that are left after wasps lay their eggs on the trees. These were used to made the black ink for decorating the leather.

The session was a fun learning session. For me the classic saddle stitch that was used to sew up the wallet was a bit tricky, but we could also use a hand operated sawing machine, which I opted for.

Now I am the proud owner of a leather purse that I made and decorated :) I strongly recommend Roby's workshops and I hope to join another one her workshops soon.

در کارگاه روبی کیف پولی چرمی را طراحی کردیم و دوختیم. برای طرح روی چرم از رنگی طبیعی استفاده کردیم.

Photo by Roby @roby_workshop

Oak Gall

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