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Thank You Joe

Out of many activities that I do in an average typical or even nontypical day, pottery is the one that I mostly connect with. With respect to the "joy content", pottery even surpasses writing. I have been looking for a pottery class for some time now. The session run by Stockport Homes at Yellowhammer in Stockport is the one that presented itself to me when I gave up searching.

We used a mix of Terracotta (which has iron-oxide in it that makes it reddish brown) and White clay for a less controllable decoration pattern that goes deeper than the glaze. Instead of a Standard Mold, we used a milk bottle as a Hump Mold and wrapped the clay outside it to achieve the shape of a vessel. Then the base was cut and stitched on, deliberately obvious to make a feature out of the stiches. Stitching was done using a stick joining the two pieces of clay together. The handle was added at the last stage.

Notes to myself:

- Cutting clay with a wire makes the edges less ragged and hence less likely to tap air.

- A porous surface, like wood, can take the moisture away from wet clay and is best to work on.

از میان همه کارهایی که تاکنون انجام داده‌ام، هیچکدام از نظر آرامشی که به همراه میاورند به پای سفالگری نمی‌رسند. مدتی دنبال کلاس سفال می‌گشتم و کلاس‌های جو بعد از اینکه دست از سعی برداشتم خودش جلوی پایم ظاهر شد. جلسه امروز کار روی طراحی زیر لایه لعاب بود.

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