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Posted my event on Stockport Council Website

Thanks to Katherine, I learnt about the opportunity to post the details of my event on Stockport Council webpage.

Changes to this event should be emailing to:

"I Am an Orange Dot", is a monologue written by Shahireh Sharif. It refers to a bird's-eye view of a body, in an orange life vest, floating in the ocean.

This event is supported by the Arts Council England and the Stockport Central Library. It is a free event and open to all, please be aware of the words of warning below.

Words of warning: Some viewer might find some of the topics discussed in the performance distressing.

The performance would be followed by an author event where Shahireh will be sharing extracts from her unpublished debut novel. Participants can leave their contact details to be informed of when the book is published with a discount code for getting 10% off the price of the book.

20th June 2022, at 4pm

Stockport Central Library

Wellington Rd S, Stockport, SK1 3RS

Questioned can be sent to the email below:

من نقطه‌ای نارنجیم تک‌گویی نوشته شهیره شریف است که به موضوع پناهندگانی که به امید رهایی در اقیانوس غرق می‌شوند می‌پردازد. این تک‌گویی به زبان انگلیسی است و با خوانش بخشی از رمان چاپ نشده شهیره به انگلیسی ادامه میابد. به امید دیدار شما.

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