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Persian Gulf is Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf, Iran

It was not the first time that I came across an article where the name of Persian Gulf' was used wrongly. I suppose with the current government of Iran not caring much about the use of the correct name for the Persian Gulf and some Arabic countries, allegedly, willing to pay for a name change we couldn't expect much.

On the 9th Feb 2023, reading an article in Britannica about the Persian Gulf shocked me. It reads, “Persian Gulf... is also called (then they referred to the Persian Gulf by a fake name)”. I expected Britannica to be aware of the validity of the references it uses. The name of the Persian Gulf precedes the new falsified name. But I guess I was expecting too much.

As someone who has lived in the UK for a few decades, I have witnessed the misuse of the name of Persian Gulf in the news and official articles many times. First, they got rid of the prefix Persian and referred to the Persian Gulf as the Gulf. Then gradually an incorrect name started to creep in. The next step would probably be deletion of the name Persian and replacing it completely with the incorrect name.

I have sent an email to Emma Cork from Britannica ( querying the name change. If and when I get a response, I will post it here.

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