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International Women Day_22

I am performing a short version of my LifeCafé monologue (at 3.45). The event is free but you need to register. Click here for registration.

Hope to see some of you then.

در برنامه‌ی زیر منهم با تک‌گویی یا مونولوگ کافه زندگی (به انگلیسی و ساعت سه و چهل و پنج دقیقه) اجرا دارم. برنامه رایگان هست ولی باید نام‌نویسی کنید. برای ثبت نام رایگان اینجا کلیک کنید.

About this event The Stockport Women's Networking Group have partnered with Stockport Central Library to bring you the following Programme of Events to celebrate International Women's Day in Stockport! Please book a ticket if you would like to come to just one session or stay for the whole afternoon! 2.30pm Ailsa McPhee Ailsa McPhee, creator of The Daily Dance and nominated for several wellbeing awards this year, shares HOW she transformed from Powerless to Powerhouse in the eye of a storm. Dedicated to celebrating women; Ailsa demonstrates how to generate STRENGTH when you feel weak, CONFIDENCE through self-doubt and COURAGE through fear. Ailsa’s radical approach to creating mental freedom is inspiring thousands through the power of Music & Dance. Ailsa says “I want all women to know ‘You’ve Got The Power’, I just show you how to activate it.” Changeovers: Linda Cosgriff Poet Linda Cosgriff has an MA in Creative Writing from MMU. She is a founder member of Stockport Writers and volunteers in the community with free poetry readings and writing workshops. Her first collection of poetry is Hormoanal, from Matthew James Publishing and her current blog, Poetry Fluff, is sure to raise a smile! 3.10pm Bernadette McKnight Bernadette McKnight from Cupertino Learning, will share her lived experience of mental health. There is a perception that women ‘cope’ better and ‘hold it all together’. This session allows you to explore coping methods around your own mental health and gain an awareness and further support and resources during this taster session. Bernadette is happy to support women who attend her session as she is a qualified Mental Health First Aider. 3.45pm Dr Shahireh Sharif Shahireh Sharif was born in Iran and moved to the UK in the mid-eighties. Shahireh uses writing, photography and filmmaking to explore contemporary issues such as identity, race and gender. At today’s session Shahireh will be performing a short version of ‘LifeCafé’, one of her monologues. LifeCafé conveys philosophical approach to life by comparing life to a visit to a coffee shop. 4.05pm Emma Sails Coaching Emma Sails is a health and life coach with a growing specialism in ADHD and she predominantly works with women to help them get what they want in their life and health. In this session Emma will talk about her own ‘waking up’ experience and tells us about Mental Rehearsal which is a tool to help motivate us to get what we want. Emma will be guiding us through a Mental Rehearsal visualisation exercise, where she will ask people to visualise a future version of themselves where they have achieved the thing they desire. 4.40pm Michelle Conway, Keira’s Kingdom Michelle Conway, founder of Stockport Charity Keira’s Kingdom, along with a lady currently receiving support from Keira's Kingdom, will be using International Women’s Day as a platform to address the issues of judgement, inaccessibility, hate crime and invisible illnesses to #Breakthebias by talking about the stigma that still surrounds most disabled adults and children. 5.20pm Kelly Mallinson, Sew Unique Artwork Kelly Mallinson from Sew Unique Artwork will introduce us to her creative business where she captures life's most memorable moments in embroidery. There are many wellbeing benefits of hand stitched embroidery and you’ll be surprised at the ways you can use it to be creative with children too! Kelly invites you to try your hand at a spot of embroidery and will have examples of both machine and hand embroidery on display during the session.

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