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Great memories after 5yrs

5 years has passed. Still it's hard to believe that WE DID IT GIRILS!

Still I Rise, a pop-up Interactive trail was performed at Manchester Art Gallery on 7th October 2018. It was created by Travelling Heritage Bureau directed by Yusra Warsama, produced by Community Arts North West and Digital Women’s Archive North, in partnership with Manchester Art Gallery, as part of Journeys Festival International and Black History Month.

Thanks to everyone at CAN, especially Katherine Rogers, and all the staff at Manchester Art Gallery who helped us with the exhibition and the trail.

I particularly would like to thank Jenna Ashton without her none of the works would have been possible. Thanks Jenna jaan for believing in us. xxx

Thank you to all the women in the group for their friendship and support: Mei Yuk Wong, Mahboobeh Rjabi, Kani Kamil, Ekua Bayunu, Ana Lucia Cuevas, Khalda Alkhmri, Manya Alkhmri, Gloria Saya, Shaheda Choudhury, Monika Rajani, Roxana Allison, Aida Foroutan, Anya Mikolajczyk, Firoozeh Fozouni and of course myself ( Shahireh Sharif) included in the group, too.

Thanks to Ali, Atusa, Nema, Afsaneh, Nosrat and all of you who supported us by being there or by sending messages of support.

فقط نمایشگاه نبود، فقط هنر نبود، فقط ورود به گالری هنر منچستر نبود. فرایند تقطیر زندگی بود با گرمای عشق. شاهد من نقاشی‌های روی دیوار

The photos below are by Jenna Ashton. My photos can be seen at the links below:

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