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Thanks for being with us

Thanks to everyone who attended 'Gordafarid, a female warrior', the storytelling session with music yesterday.

Talking about Shahnameh, introducing part of our culture that is not widely known, is always an honour. I must thank #didsburyartfestival and Fereshteh Day for giving us this opportunity to talk about Shahnameh and Ferdowsi at the Old Parsonage House. Thanks are also due to Saeid Mokhtassi and Reza Ansari for sharing their innovative mix of Shahnameh with guitar. I am grateful to the staff at the Old Parsonage House for their support, and to Ali and Atusa who, as ever, made my supporting crew. Last but not least, thanks to each everyone who attended.

It was such a joy to see some familiar as well as new faces amongst the crowd. Some people also wondered in as the other session which was happening in the building was cancelled. This must had been faith, directing some audience to my session :)

There is always room for improvement particularly after a performance when you talk to the audience. Some of whom suggested that I expand the talk to include aspects such as the details of Gordafarid fight with Sohrob.

I hope the partnership with local organisations such as DAF doesn't end here and other opportunities are in the horizon.

اجرای داستان و موسیقی در فستیوال هنر دیدزبری:

به همراه آقایان سعید مختصی و رضا انصاری، از شاهنامه و داستان گردآفرید گفتیم و اشعار شاهنامه را با موسیقی شنیدیم. حضور در این فستیوال و اجرا در مکانی چون خانه پارسینج باعث افتخار ماست. از برگزارکنندگان این فستیوال و خانم فرشته دی، کارمندان خانه پارسینج و تمامی سرورانی که با حضور خود ما را حمایت کردند سپاسگزاریم.


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